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Broward County Jail

555 SE 1st Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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What Happens at the Broward County Jail?
This site contains information gleaned from interviews with former inmates who have spent time in Florida's Broward County Jail. We have contacted several recently released inmates who have first hand experience within the facility's walls.

About 1 in every 140 people in the States has spent time in jail or prison. In Broward, the states second-largest county, many people know of at least one person who has gone through the same experience, and while it can be disconcerting, there is plenty of information available to help future inmates and their loved ones know exactly what to expect.

From recreation, to food and visitation policies; here you will find the info you need, hopefully shedding some light on the experiences one will encounter in jail.

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