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Polk County Jail

2390 Bob Phillips Road
Bartow, FL 33830-3998
ph. (863) 534-6200

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Have you ever passed the Polk County Jail and wondered what life is like behind those locked doors? Maybe you or someone you know is facing some time there. Either way, you have come to the right place for information about this facility.

We have interviewed former inmates of Polk County, who have shared their inside knowledge about a wide range of topics, from what the food is like to what the court system in this area is like. You can read their interviews by clicking on links to the left. Take a few minutes to read their stories and learn what life is like in the Polk County Jail.

Polk County provides inmates with three meals per day. The food gets mixed reviews. One ex-inmate describes the food as "disgusting slop," but someone else says "by jail standards Polk Co food is not that bad." The jail does have a canteen that inmates can order additional food items from weekly, if the inmate has money on their books. Being able to order supplemental food can make serving time a little easier, as it provides more options to the inmate.

Telephones and Visitation
Keeping in touch with friends and family on the outside is a high priority for most people who are locked up. Polk County provides inmates access to telephones everyday, generally from 8-11pm. Calls can only be made collect, and cost about $5 for a 15 minute call. All calls are recorded by the jail and screened at the discretion of the jail.

Family and friends can visit inmates on the weekends. Check in for visitors can be a hassle, and some have reported being "frisked" and required to remove their shoes before the visit. Visits are no contact, meaning that a glass wall separates the inmate from the visitor so there can be no physical contact.

Polk County is pretty good about making sure inmates have access to necessary medications. A nurse administers prescription meds daily, and over the counter items such as Tylenol, antacid and antihistamine are handed out by the officers by request.

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