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Santa Rosa County Jail

5755 E Milton Rd
Milton, FL 32583-7913
(850) 983-4661

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If you or someone you know is planning to serve some time in the Santa Rosa County jail, you may be wondering what to expect. The following information was obtained by interviewing former inmates of this jail. To the left are links to the actual interviews, where you can read about the experiences of others and find out what life is really like in the Santa Rosa County Jail.

General Information
This is a fairly small jail, with only 4 blocks of inmates. One of the blocks houses females and the other three blocks are male.

Phone calls
While serving time in jail, it is important to most inmates to keep in touch with their family and friends on the outside. Santa Rosa Jail allows inmates liberal access to payphones. Inmates can make calls either collect or they can have calls charged to their phone account.

The jail has recently implemented a new phone system that allows family and friends to put money on the inmate account with "Offender Connect" which can be accessed online.

Inmates in the Santa Rosa Jail can have visitors two times per week. Children are allowed to come to visits at all times, and are not restricted to certain days of the month. Visits are held in rooms where glass separates the inmate from the visitors.

Time off for Good Behavior
To deal with the common problem of overcrowding, many jails offer inmates time off their sentence for good behavior. In the Santa Rosa County Jail, you can earn up to half off of your sentence through working in the community. For each day of work you put in, you can get a day off.

In order to do qualify to do this work, you must first become a trustee. It takes about 30 days to be able to achieve this status, so if your sentence is less than 30 days you probably won't be getting any time off. To become a trustee you need to follow the rules, avoid fights, and minimize the chances that you will be viewed as a high security risk.

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