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Gwinnett County Jail

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Life On The Inside
Gwinnett County was established in 1818 and named for one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence. Back then the jail was a one room affair in a barn. Today, that modern Gwinnett County Jail has a capacity to house up to 2,744 inmates with an average daily population of around 2,500. Even though they might mean extra space, dealing with 2,500 can be problematic.

As you might expect, life on the inside at this Georgia jail isn't going to be a "vacation." Even the simple act of trying to watch television can be cause for tension. That's why a former inmate interviewed for this site found the Wednesday and Sunday church services as a welcome relief if for no other reason than to have a calm place to sit for an hour.

Inmates are given access to the outdoor recreational yard throughout the week. There is also a  daily period of 2 hours for free time where inmates can socialize, play cards or just be able to get out of their cells and walk around in the common room. Breakfast is served 5 AM every morning, but apparently many inmates opt for sleeping in. Itís just not worth getting up for. There is a commissary account where inmates can buy snacks and toiletries when money is deposited onto their accounts.

Good Behavior Policy
Georgia has some of the toughest good behavior policies for their state prison system. In the county system, inmates are eligible for a day to day good time provided they walk the straight and narrow while on the inside. This means not getting into trouble with fellow inmates or with the correction staff.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Inmates are granted weekly visits but it is their responsibility to inform their visitors when that scheduled appointment will be. A visitor needs to arrive at least 30 minutes before the time and each visit is only 30 minutes. Visitors have to present a valid photo ID. Even though the visits are held between a glass partition, visitors still can't bring in any handbags, purses, cell phones, hats or infant bags. Basically, you need to show up dressed appropriately.

For phone calls, inmates can use the phones in their cell blocks provided that are available and not broken which seems to be a big issue. These are for collect calls only.

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