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Chase County Jail

Cottonwood Falls, KS
phone (620) 273-6313

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Have you ever passed by the Chase County Jail and wondered what life is like behind those locked doors? Maybe you or someone you love will be spending some time there. Going to jail can be scary, but having the right information can help you prepare for the experience.

We have interviewed former inmates of Chase County, who have shared what they know from personal experience. You can read their interviews by clicking the links to the left. Take some time to read their stories and get informed about what life is like behind bars in the Chase County Jail.

Passing the Time
Chase County inmates can spend their time playing cards, board games, chess, watching TV and reading books. The officers control what channel the TV is on. The inmates in this facility generally go outside every day. The jail offers non-denominational church services that are held in the law library.

Galveston County inmates receive three meals per day. The food is rated as "pretty good." Like most other jails, Galveston County has a commissary with snacks and other items available for purchase by inmates. To buy items from commissary, inmates need to have money on their books. Family and friends on the outside can deposit money into inmate accounts.

Jail Layout
Galveston County is made up of about 5 blocks. They are arranged so inmates in each block are unable to see into the other blocks. The different areas are identified by letters (A, B, C, D, etc). Both males and females are incarcerated in this facility, but housed in separate areas.

Early Release
Due to problems of overcrowding, many jails allow well behaved inmates to be released earlier than their sentenced release date. Unfortunately, Chase County does not allow for this time off, and inmates are required to serve their full sentences in this facility.

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