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Strafford County Jail

268 County Farm Rd
Dover, NH 03820-6003
Phone: (603) 749-0832

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If you will be serving some time in the Strafford County Jail, you may be wondering what life is really like on the inside. We have interviewed former inmates of this jail, and the following information is based on information gathered during those interviews.

To the left are links to the actual interviews. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate some of the anxiety you have about living in this facility.

Jail Layout
Strafford County Jail has about 11 different sections, according to former inmates. Units A and B are maximum security, with A housing women and B housing men. Units C, D and E provide housing for male inmates with special medical needs. F houses male inmates who need to be separated from general population.

Units G and H are general population for men. J houses general population women. The women's unit is a large dorm type room housing up to 80 women in the same room. Unit I is a rehab unit for both men and women.

Good Behavior
Many jails have a growing problem of overcrowding. To counteract this problem, many facilities release inmates earlier than their sentences based on good behavior. To get time off your sentence, you have to be in Strafford County Jail for at least fourteen days. Inmates can receive up to 1/3 off their sentences.

In this jail, time off is assumed unless you get in really big trouble. According to former inmates, you have to mess up really bad to lose the good time. To avoid losing time off for good behavior, you need to avoid fights, contraband, stealing and possession of drugs and alcohol.

Inmates are allowed visitors two times per week, for one hour per visit. The inmate is separated from visitors by a Plexiglas divider. The visitor side has comfortable chairs, toys and books to keep children busy. There is also a family center associated with this jail that helps children cope with having a parent in jail.

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