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Dallas County Jail

111 Commerce Street
Dallas, TX 75207

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Do you want to know what life in the Dallas County Jail is really like? The media does a terrible job of depicting real jail life in TV and movies. While Dallas can be a rough jail, it is nothing like prison.

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This site is mean to prepare you for the realities of life in the Dallas County Jail - whether you will be serving time there or know somebody who will, we hope you find this information helpful. All of the information comes from ex-inmates of the jail.

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Getting along with other inmates
If you've never lived in a jail or prison setting you need to learn a few ground rules about how to treat other people. When you are on the outside you can generally talk pretty freely with people and state your opinions without worrying too much about being physically attacked. This isn't the case in jail - if you insult other people (intentionally or not) you will have problems.

If you find yourself an inmate at Dallas County Jail you should keep to yourself and always be respectful to other inmates. This doesn't mean you should let other people walk all over you because this will create other serious problems for you.

Telephone use and visitors
You will have to make collect calls from within the jail. These calls are not cheap - one ex-inmate recalled that they charged $7.55 per minute for a local call. These outrageous rates make visitations (which are free) seem like a downright deal.

You can receive two visits per week but each of your visitors must be on a special visitor list that you approve of.

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