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Reviews for Upshur County Jail


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Reviews for Upshur County Jail

Reviews by Cat

JM: Which jail did you visit?
Cat: Upshur County, Gilmer, TX.

JM: How long ago was your visit?
Cat: Still ongoing.

JM: How many times did you visit?
Cat: Several.

JM: How do you go about making an appointment to see an inmate?
Cat: No appointment, just show up on visitation days.

JM: How long did check-in process take?
Cat: It all depends on how many others are there to visit. They have groups that go in at different times. It has normally taken any where from 20 to 30 minutes to get to the window, then it takes just a couple of minutes to check in. Then you have to wait any where from 20 minutes to a couple of hours to get in to the visitation room.

JM: Were the guards accommodating?
Cat: So far there has only been one that has really been even nice. The rest that I have dealt with seem to be angry most of the time. One is just down right rude and treats the visitor as though they are the ones in jail. He even seemed rude to the other officers working. For the most part, NO, they are not very accomodating.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Cat: You visit through glass in a room with 8 or 9 other people. Sometimes it is ok, but most of the time you have a hard time hearing because there are several conversations going on at once and some of the visitors are yelling instead of just talking. Then there are the ones that bring small children in and let them run and scream the entire visit. It is such a small room you sit nearly shoulder to shoulder with the other visitors on either side of you, and there is an echo in the room.

JM: How long was your visit? Did the guards ever allow you to take extra time?
Cat: Visitation is twice a week, 20 minutes per visit, no extra time.

JM: What was the parking situation like?
Cat: Always found a spot.

JM: What advice would you offer to somebody who is going to visit an inmate in this jail?
Cat: The thermostat is set at 65 degrees, bring a jacket. If you want information read the notice on the window (which is hard to do because there are people always standing there trying to check in) and talk to other visitors (most of them are happy to tell you how things are done). There are only a couple of people that work there that will try to help you.

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