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Interview with Carrie, Michael, Roy, Tiff, Lela and Manuel

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Carrie: No, most of the people in there were my age, we played cards or basketball most of the time, and we all just wanted the same thing, to go home and be free from the chaos, and bogus charges that the police were trying to get off on us. It is a shame that whatever they say, goes...there were times when I seen other people have differences, or and arguements, but I personally was not in the middle of all of the drama.
Michael: yes everyone is pissed off and dont want to make new friends
Roy: I only talked to one other person while I was there. He made a joke and I laughed.
Tiff: Yea we got along. most were in for petty crimes like me but being held like the other murderers and child abusers. We talked about why we were they and was happy for each other once we knew we were going home.
Lela: I personally did not find it difficult to get along with other inmates. It wasn't necessarily easy or quick to make 'friends' because so many people are in and out every day. And the ones that are waiting for trial and there for a long time, they already have their clique. Its real easy to see who is with who and also many girls yell back and forth when we're cooped up in the cells. Either good stuff to their friends or girls talking shit.
Manuel: Well I tried to keep to my self but there is always inmates that want to make a reputation for them I spend most of my time reading and playing soon as I felt tension building up I got to my bunk and stayed away from conflicts.there where a lot of fights but ussually they occure in the showers when the correctional officer was occupied with other inmates.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Carrie: It all really comes down to minding your own business, dont run around talking crazy to people, keep your own business to yourself, telling everyone your business gives them room to talk about you or your situation. Gossip is a big problem starter. I mean, we are all grown adults, there is no reason for all of the drama, it is something that we create, it does not create itself.
Michael: mind my own buisness not talk shit
Roy: I slept the entire time that I was there other than to eat lunch. I must gotten admitted right after breakfast but they still didn't give me anything to eat. I had been there for atleast 5 hours and they didn't take that into consideration.
Tiff: Nothing. Im a smooth character and a boss. so I did not experience any fights or arguments. The women there were cool. It wasn't prison. Cause like said before , most were arrested for petty crimes like driving w/o a license or petty retail theft. We related in many other ways which allowed us to get along.
Lela: Make sure you weren't sitting at a group's regular table. I don't think it would be a huge deal but that depends on the person you piss off. Now that I think about it, the only little problem I had with someone was when I was sitting by myself on watching tv, feeling like shit because I was in withdrawal and there were two women talking right on the other couch diagonal from me. I wasn't even trying to eavesdrop but I guess I looked over there too many times and the one told me to quit looking at her. But in worse words I'm sure. Kinda hard to mind my own business when you're sitting 4 feets away from me...
Manuel: It was difficult cause someone always wanted to fight so I had almost got in fights in three diffrent every jail there is always some one calling the shots so I went over to that person and explain the conflicts I was experiencing he talked to the other inmate and everything was forgotten.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Carrie: No, you were given the cell and the bed that you were given. Whoever was in there was your cellmate. PERIOD.
Michael: no it was randomly assinged
Roy: No. I was alone for the entire 12 hours.
Tiff: No. I believe that was against the jailhouse rules. If u knew the correction officer personally they would move you. Cellmates changed maybe every 3 day cause that's how long it took most to got thru court process then discharge and o home
Lela: No you could not choose your own roommate and actually this one girl was stuck with a girl who was withdrawing. She got super irritated and non compliant because the other girl would not come out of her cell to eat or anything and was constantly on the toilet, so she was locked in there for 24 hours. So basically the healthy girl couldn't even go in her cell except for designated times. But anyways, cell mates would change a lot because people were always getting out or coming in or transferring elsewhere.
Manuel: When I was in the milwaukee county jail in downtown milwaukee I was in a one bunk cell.when I was transfer to the house of corrections there where bunks.60 bunkbeds and all 60 inmates where all in one pod but I went threw 4 diffrent bunkies while I was at the house of coRrections

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