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Charlotte County Jail

26601 Airport Rd
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
(941) 833-6300

Interview with Tim and Sharon

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Tim: I got two years house arrest followed by three years probation.
Sharon: I was sentenced to two years

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Tim: yes I spent about three hours in the holding cell.It was no fun. all you wanted was to be left alone, but you have other inmates asking all kinds of questions.
Sharon: Yes after I was sentenced I spent hours in a holding cell waiting for paper work to be processed. I was nervous to know what was to come after just getting sentenced to prison.

Life On the Inside
The Charlotte County Jail first opened its cell doors in 2001 and can house up to 960 inmates. It's located on Airport Road in South Charlotte County, Florida. The inmates live in pod zones that hold up to 64 prisoners at a time. These are considered direct supervision pods which mean there is more interaction between the inmates and staff.

It's been found that this type of set up actually decreases the amount of "negative behavior." This has been confirmed by a former inmate who thought the Charlotte County Jail was a "pretty laid back place."

Passing the time
Provided the weather cooperates, inmates are allowed out into the rec yard every day. There is a television, basketball and handball court. At times competition for these activities can be a bit fierce. Unless your heart is really into playing basketball you might just want to stay in your cell and read.

There are three meals a day and the rice appears to be the most appealing because it is at least filling. Inmates are allowed commissary privileges once a week. And for those inmates who require prescription medication there is a pill call twice a day.

Good Behavior Policy
In Florida county, "time off for good behavior" is referred to as "gain time." An inmate can earn 5 days of gain time for every 30 days of their sentence. The only way to get gain time in Florida is to work on the crew you are assigned. Failure to work or getting written up for any other kind of disciplinary problem will have that gain time wiped out.

Visitor and Phone Policy
The administration at the Charlotte County Jail considers both phone use and visitation as a privilege not a guaranteed right. As a result, these privileges can be taken away if it has been deemed that the inmate isn't acting like a model prisoner. In order to set up a visit with an inmate you would have to register for an appointment at the jail website.

Visits are conducted by two-way camera. You'll be in a room at one part of the jail while the inmate you're visiting will be back in their pod. There is no contact. As a visitor you'll have to dress appropriately (nothing suggestive) and present a valid photo I.D. With regard to the phones, they are turned on during the day and inmates are allowed to make collect calls using their prisoner pin number to log in and gain access.

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