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Linn County Jail

53 3rd Avenue Bridge
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

Interview with Sam

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Sam: i was sentenced to 42 months the sentencing took about an hour

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Sam: yes it was a small cell and we were packed in there, there was bars and a door on the front a toilet in the back and two benches on the other to walls the cell was very old and not well kept

Life On the Inside
There are some cases of a criminal conviction where the inmate will actually be reporting to jail as opposed to being taken directly there upon arrest. When this happens, it's natural to wonder what you can bring into the facility.

At the Linn County Jail you're allowed to bring in 3 changes of white underwear, 3 pairs of white socks and 3 white T-shirts. You can also bring in money to be applied to your commissary account. If you have prescription medication that must be brought in the original bottle. You won't be able to keep that but instead it will be handed out to you at the appropriate time.

Passing the Time
Inmates have access to a law library and a work-out room complete with weights. Those weights are a rarity among jails. An inmate is housed depending on their own criminal record. For minor offenders, they could find themselves in a dorm like setting that allows for the ability to watch TV from their bunks.

These dorms also have a communal day room for socializing. Other inmates could find themselves cut off from the general population by being house in single cells.

A former inmate who spent time at Linn County found that the food was "pretty good." This might just come down to a matter of taste but he quite liked the pizza and burritos.

Good Behavior Policy
There is a difference between good behavior sentence reductions between the federal and county systems. On the county level, each jail system is allowed to determine how many days an inmate could be taken off. This could be up to five to ten days for every 30 days served.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Visiting hours are seven days a week during the afternoon and evening. Each inmate is granted two 30 minute visits per week. Kids under the age of 18 can come for a visit but they have to be accompanied by their legal guardian. The visiting area is the classic glass partition.

Even though there is no contact, you are still restricted from bringing in food, drinks or any bags bigger than a briefcase. You will need to register before every visit by showing a proper photo ID.

Inmates are also given the opportunity to make collect calls throughout the day. If the person they are calling refuses to accept the charges, the inmate is simply out of luck.

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