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Daviess County Jail

3337 E 4th St
Owensboro, KY 42303-0220
(270) 685-8466

Interview with Kara

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Kara: I got sentenced to 2 years. If I continue to do my time I will lose custody of my kids. They are going for involuntary termination because of my sentence. I am now paying my child suppport what more do they want?

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Kara: I did. It was cold and not private You could be seen by the guards while you pissed.

Inmates on housed on the north side of the Daviess County Jail can see Indiana from their window just across the river. As with many jails across the country, Daviess County has adopted the practice of assigning inmates with I.D. wristbands. These are required to be worn at all times and can't be messed with.

There is a UPC code on the band which can instantly pull up an inmate's record when scanned. If an inmate loses his I.D. band they have to pay $5 for a new one and face disciplinary action.

Inmate Classification in Daviess County Jail
When an inmate is booked into Daviess County they will be classified as either Level 1 which is Minimum Security, Level 2 which is Medium Security or Level 3 which is Maximum Security. Just because an inmate is checked in at Level 1 doesn't mean that can be "promoted" to Level 3 if they start causing trouble.

Each inmate is provided with an inmate handbook which clearly spells out what is expected of them. It also clearly defines what is considered a violation. For instance, "abusive, vulgar, obscene, or threatening language, gestures or actions" and "unnecessary noise, such as arguing, shouting, loud talking, whistling, rattling or pounding" are all considered violations.

It's not hard to imagine how every inmate could be in violation at one time or another! If an inmate is written up for a violation that can have their privileges such as phone, visits or commissary withheld.

As far as the food is concerned, one former inmate raved about the taco salad, but beyond that there wasn't much else to like.

Good Behavior Policy
The most an inmate can receive in good time sentence reduction would be 10 days per month. If you're only sentenced to 30 days that can make a huge difference. Overall, one fourth of a total sentence can be reduced if an inmate has shown good conduct. They can also earn credit by finishing up the GED course or enrolling in a vocational training program.

Visitor and Phone Policy
Phones are provided to inmates throughout the day as long as they arenít in lockdown or during cell cleanup. An average collect call will cost around $1.85 per minute and the phone calls can only last up to 20 minutes. Inmates can buy pre-paid calling cards through the commissary.

For visits, an inmate is allowed two per week. Each visit lasts only 15 minutes. If an inmate needs to meet with a lawyer or member of the clergy that won't count as a visit. All visitors need to register, present a valid I.D. and wear "appropriate clothing."

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