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Nueces County Jail

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Interview with Carlos

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Carlos: My sentencing was for 1 year probation, if I broke probation I would have to do up to 180 days. I broke probation and was sentenced to 120 days, I was given credit for the two days before bail and money paid durring probation.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Carlos: Yes this cell was all concrete small and extremely cold. It had one metal sink toilet combo very dirty, one large plexiglass window. I believe this is the harshest booking cell I have ever been in, it took forever to get fingerprinted and photographed. Also it was extremely packed, it was the beginning of the year and there had been a warrant roundup.

Life On the Inside
When a lockdown happens in a jail, it means all the inmates are literally locked down into their cells. This is kind of like a prison "time out" and usually occurs when a flare up between inmates happens. Lock down can go on for hours or even days.

Apparently at the Nueces County Jail lockdown is a fairly regular occurrence because of the large gang population of the jail. Unfortunately, any inmate who is not affiliated with a gang is simple going to be caught in the middle of these "events." This is why it is always best to have plans for passing the time in your cell like reading or writing or working on class assignments for a GED.

Most of the cells at Nueces County are two person cells housed in units referred to as tanks. The trustees of the jail were kept in the Farmer's tank while the general population was in Lockdown Central. Smoking is only allowed on an indoor basketball court. As such, the air is often too thick to play! There are also a handful of books for inmates to check out from the library, drawing materials and a lot of board games.

In terms of keeping in shape, it was the work itself that actually help inmates stay toned. They are also given access to outdoor yards Monday through Friday.

Good Behavior Policy
The best position for an inmate to be in is that of trustee. With that classification, they can earn three days off their sentence for every one day earned. There are some conditions such as not being in a gang or sentenced for a violent offense. Inmates are encouraged to apply for trustee status the moment they enter the facility.

Visit and Telephone Policy
Inmates are allowed to buy prepaid phone cards for $10 or $20 which helps them make collect outgoing calls from one of the jailhouse phones. Visitors who show up to see an inmate will not only have to present a photo ID but also be checked out for appropriate clothing. This means no shorts, hats, sunglasses, sleeveless shirts, spandex, form-fitting clothes, low cut dresses or transparent shirts. There is also no smoking or gum chewing.

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