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Reviews for Maricopa County Jail


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Reviews for Maricopa County Jail

Reviews by Rachel

JM: Which jail did you visit?
Rachel: Estrella Tents

JM: How long ago was your visit?
Rachel: Today 12/26/2010

JM: How many times did you visit?
Rachel: I have been down there 3 times to visit. But, was finally able to go up there and put money on her books since they no longer accept money for her books! Why would they ever do something like this other then to collect more money. Who can put money on her books if noone is going to be there! What about the people who work Mon-Fri we still have to drive back the next day?

JM: How do you go about making an appointment to see an inmate?
Rachel: You don't make a appointment to see an Inmate. You have certain days you can visit and when you can't.

JM: How long did check-in process take?
Rachel: Think the in-take process the slowest thing ever! They make them sit in a room that is freezing!

JM: Were the guards accommodating?
Rachel: I don't think the guards are ever accommodating. Don't think they even know how to spoil!

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Rachel: It was a bench seat had a peice of mail in your block and they seem to be helping her thank god!

JM: How long was your visit? Did the guards ever allow you to take extra time?
Rachel: I signed up for an hour. No they didn't if anything they gave me less then an hour!

JM: What was the parking situation like?
Rachel: Parking lot was fine

JM: What advice would you offer to somebody who is going to visit an inmate in this jail?
Rachel: Make sure you don't take stuff for our hair etc.

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