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Life On the Inside
The Lane County Jail was built back in 1979. Thanks to several expansions the facility can now house up to 507 inmates. Sadly, they don't seem to have a problem filling those beds.

When an inmate arrives at Lane County, they are put through a classification process to determine where they should be housed. If there is a past history of criminal acts or jail trouble they might be placed into a single cell and isolated from the rest of the jail population. All other inmates are housed in dormitory type settings.

Inmates are provided "three nutritionally balanced meals" but that doesn't mean these meals will always taste good. They will also have the chance to buy snack items from the commissary as long as there is money deposited into their account.

While incarcerated, inmates are given the opportunity to improve themselves in the hope they won't be showing up there again. There are GED programs along with substance abuse classes and religious services. The best advice is to make the most of your time on the inside.

Good Behavior Policy
Good behavior time is awarded at the discretion of the correctional officers. Inmates can receive up to ten days off for every month served at Lane County Jail provided they are given good reports from the COs.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
The only calls that an inmate can make are collect calls. These calls have to be officially "received" by the outside person. There are many times when someone on the outside can block a call from the jail and there isn't anything an inmate can do about that. Inmates are allowed to set up prepaid account to cover the costs of the calls.

For visits, inmates must submit a visitor request form to the inmates housing officers. These are the lists of accepted visitors and can be updated every four weeks. Anyone visiting an inmate should arrive 30 minutes prior to the visit in order to be processed into the jail. All visitors are subjected to searches. If you refuse to be searched you won't be allowed in for the visit no matter how far you might have come.

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