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Delano Prison

3000 West Cecil Avenue
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 721-6300

Interview with Rod

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Rod: 12 yrs at 80%

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Rod: Yes, I was upset because I had to take a 12 yr deal because I'm a 3 striker. It was loud, it smelled of urine and 20 guys were all trying to talk over each other. I had a bad headache and was tired

Life On The Inside
The Delano Prison is also known as the North Kern State Prison. If there was one word to best describe this facility it would be overcrowded. It has an official capacity of 2,892. However, recent headcount revealed there were 5,390 inmates.

This increased congestion can also increase the chances for more trouble among the inmates. When an inmate first arrives at North Kern State Prison they go through the reception Center process. This can take anywhere between 60 and 90 days. During that time, the jail staff is refused inmates criminal record their life history and the medical or psychological profiles. Based on the results of these examinations it will be determined where a prisoner will be placed within the facility.

Passing The Time In Delano Prison
Life inside a state prison is much different than inside a county jail. Inmates are allowed to have their own private televisions, radios or CD players. On some level, this helps keep them in their cells longer and out of trouble. There's also full range of outdoor activities to engage an inmate's time such as football, basketball and handball.

Inside they can play cards dominoes, chess or checkers. An inmate can also take advantage of adult basic education, English as a second language or bridging education courses. There also many self-help groups and substance abuse programs available for inmates to enroll in. They are encouraged to take full advantage of these programs while the inside.

Surprisingly, one former inmate rated the food is good, especially since he was on a kosher diet. There is also canteen available for inmates to take advantage of to buy snacks, sodas, and other food items.

Good Behavior Policy
In California there is the three strike law. This requires inmates who are charged with their third felony to serve their full time. If an inmate is not part of a third strike sentence they are eligible to receive 20% off of their sentence time.

All that stands in the way would be a serious rule violation. Even the slightest fraction can cause trouble for an inmate and their saved up good time.

Visitor and Phone Policy
If you wish to visit a prisoner at North Kern state prison you'll first need to fill out a visitor questionnaire. The prisoner first has to sign this questionnaire and then send it to you. Visitations occur on Saturdays, Sundays and designated holidays from 8:30 AM to 2 PM.

Any visitor coming to the prison will be subjected to a search and must comply with the prison dress codes. Basically, you don't want to wear anything that's going to excite the prisoners. Prisoners can make collect calls during the day when the phones are turned on in their units.

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