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Interview with Rod

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Rod: was held in county jail from Oct 2004 to May 2008. First you get booked, searched then sit in a holding cell for however long it takes to get a bed. Could be 2 hrs or 10 days. Then its go to court until you take a deal or go to jury trial. I went to jury trial

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Rod: No. I was wanted on a parold warrant and was being traked down by the FBI, DOJ and parole. I ws fooled by 3 undercovers. I tried to avoid them, parked and tried to hide but they saw me pus 3 people showed the cops where I was

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Rod: It was one of the most stressful things I've been through. You basically have to sit chained up in the jury box waiting for your lawyer to show up, the DA won't speak to you unless your attorney is there. It gets stuffy,hot and you can't sign or communicate with anybody or family that's in the audiance.I recall just sitting and waiting until my attorney showed up

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Rod: Identity use, fraud, 2nd degreee burglary Convicted of: identity use, 2nd degree burglary

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