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Interview with Kelsey

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Kelsey: six months in a drug rehabilitation program / or six months in county jail.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Kelsey: I was out on bail when I was sentenced and I failed to turn myself in on the date that I was supposed to. Instead I ran from the law for over a year and finally turned myself in It was pretty scary turning myself in. They kept me in a holding cell for like six hours because they kept giving me full cavity searches and I was stripped searched like four times. They swore that I was trying to bring something in since "no one ever turns themselves in". I was number three on Imperial Valleys Most Wanted List.

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Getting along with other Imperial County Jail inmates
The two worst parts of going to jail are generally boredom and getting along with other inmates. Of course the food is never very good either, but most inmates generally have more of a problem with these first two things.

The number one key to getting along with other people in a small confine space is just to keep to yourself as much as possible. When you start to get involved in jailhouse drama (and yes, there is drama in any jail) you make yourself a target for insults and possibly physical attacks.

Passing the time in ICJ
As mentioned earlier boredom can be a big problem in jail. The first couple of days is usually shocking and horrible, but beyond that you realize that everybody else is just there to do time just like you. Boredom sets in and, on a multi-month sentence, this can wear you down.

As an inmate you should try to stay active. Read books, do art, play cards with other inmates. Do whatever it takes to keep you off your bunk during the day (so you can actually sleep at night). As a last resort there is a television, but beware that fighting over what to watch often leads to fights in Imperial County Jail. You will also have an opportunity to go outside twice per week to get some fresh air.

Telephones and visitors
Telephones are always popular in jails despite the high charges for each call. In ICJ it costs 50 cents per minute to make a local call assuming you buy calling cards on commissary. It is even more expensive to call out if you are calling collect. A recent inmate reported that she stayed off the phones because they were expensive and extremely emotional.

One nice thing about the Imperial County Jail is that they haven't switched over to video monitor visits like many jails have. This means that even though your visitors will be seeing you through a wall of glass at least they will be seeing you in person and not on a television. Each inmate is allowed two visits per week (but they can't be on the same day). Visitors need to plan on being there at least an hour early and bring ID.

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