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Flagler County Jail Bail Bonds

If you know somebody waiting in the Flagler County Jail to be bonded out it is very important that you find a qualified, licensed bail bond agency:

With the sea of bail bond providers available, how do you know which one to choose? What is the difference between different bail providers?

First of all, a good bail bond company will be available 24 hours a day. If you are arrested in the middle of the night you don't want to stay in jail overnight waiting for your bail bondsman to come down and bail you out.

Another factor to consider is how quickly the company will be able to make a decision on whether they will underwrite your bond. Most people think that the bail bond process is as easy as paying 10% of bail and getting out of jail - in reality, the bail bond companies has to make a decision on whether they think you are a flight risk since they stand to lose the entire face value of bail if you skip town.

Most bail bond companies with a lot of experience can make the decision quickly - usually within an hour of receiving your application. The best indicator of how quickly a bail bond company will move is just how fast they are when you call them up. If they don't answer you should move on.