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Interview with Alan

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Alan: At Some time / House Arrest was offered - I did NOT go to court other than for the first arraigment / nor was I offered to and or allow to - I was in jail 9 months before I knew who or what that I was really accused of doing

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Alan: I pulled up to a gas pump at a convience store and a 1967 ? Econline van/truck pulled up Violently - Reckless and Eractical / Screaming and Hollering Violently and Beliegerly / Treatening Violently saying he was going to Beat me up and Kill me - I was Completely blown away with amazement wondering Who this was and What was his problem -- I thought Maybe it was because I got to the pump before him ??? - It was the only gas station opened for miles and miles away because of Hurrican Rita ( they had a generator - - I said { wAIT A MINUTE - lET me move my van // and I did and waited till the next available pump -- ( I thought that was the end of it and him ) // - I went in the store and waited in line foe a good 30 minutes because of the long line and irrate customers -- I apolized for the irrate customers - paid for $30 of gas and a pack of smokes / tip the caSHIER AND WENT TO PUMPING GAS // - WHILE PUMPING GAS i HEAR sOMEONE sCREAMING AND hOLLERING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS - - i LOOK BACK A THE SAME MAN WAS APPROAHING ON FOOT AT A HIGH RATE OF SPEED - HE APPROACHED AND KEPT ON WITH THE PREVIOUS bull and lungning at me like before // I thought Damn this dude is Loss his mind and Crazy and I have Got to Get out of here -He left - ( he had parked his ride next door on a empty lot -- I proceded to pump gas wishing it pumped quicker and worried he would come back ( still not knowing what his problem was) - I was thinking about just cutting ny loss and scatting / when I hear Someone else Hollering - screaming and threatening to beat and KIL me / I looked and a man was walking from across the road from the direction of the Waffle House / He got to me and kept lunging at me ( but kept a distance like the other ) / I heard and understood him saying that I was a ucking Asshole - his uncle was the Cheif of police of Bellveiw (the town I was in ) and he was going to get my ucking ass in a Bunch of Trouble - he left and I thought and said to myself the heck with the gas I was getting out of there / so I was hanging up the pump when I heard a bunch of sirens and seen 3 ccars dropping there car bottoms to get in from All sides ( the police station was right across the road - I was handcuffed and thrown in the car without even them telling me a charge -

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Alan: I went to the courthouse for Trial and was put in a holding cell right outside of the court room - they came out and said time foer court / then they said back to the cell / then a little bit later they came back and said to plead Guilty and be asentenced to time serve ( which I refused ) - then they came back and said the Judge Wants to See You NOW - i SAID wAIT i AM not DRESSED FOR TRIAL AND THEY SAID come on - so I went Right in front of the judge and He said > Mr. Brannan - > I am SO SORRY - you are Free to go ----------

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Alan: I was arrested for Aggrevated Assault // which I had NO idea what that was - they upgraded it to Aggrevated Assault with a Deadly weapon // and on the internet Aggrevated Assault with a Deadly weapon attempt to kill was added // -I have NO idea what I was indicted for ??? -

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