With just over 1.5M residents Idaho is definitely not one of the largest states in the US. This doesn't mean, however, that the county jails don't stay busy. Idaho is aggressive with law enforcement and dedicated to providing a safe environment for the citizens of the state.

Kootenai County Jail and Ada County Jail are the two busiest jails in the state. Kootenai County is home to Coeur d'Alene, the second largest city in the state, and Ada County is the home of Boise, the largest city in the state.

Time off for good behavior
In general the most time off for good behavior you can receive in Idaho County Jails is 25%. Keep in mind that some jails might not offer this at all. Even if it is offered in a jail an inmate is not guaranteed this time - the judge can revoke it or an inmate can lose it by causing trouble such as fighting, stealing, gambling or breaking other jail rules.

If you know somebody going to jail for the first time you should advise them to keep to themselves while they learn the ropes. Life behind bars is different than life on the street. If you have problems with another inmate there is usually no way to avoid them.

The aftermath - no expungement in Idaho
If you know somebody going to jail in Idaho it might be too late but there is no way to expunge a felony conviction in Idaho. Some states allow you to have a felony removed from your record (known as expungement) after so many years without an additional charge but this is not possible in Idaho.

Getting a job after life in jail can be difficult but statistics have shown that those who are able to find gainful employment are much less likely to end up behind bars again.

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