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Indiana is the 38th largest state and its name means "Land of the Indians" or "Indian Land." Its capital, Indianapolis, is the second largest state capital in our country and is also home to the NFL's famous Indianapolis Colts.

Some common county jails in Indiana are Howard County Jail, Huntington County Jail, and LaPorte County Jail. There are also Lake County Jail, Benton County Jail, Marion County Jail, Kosciusko County Jail and many more.

Indiana Crime Rates
Different crimes in Indiana have different rates each year at which they are committed. Murder is actually at its lowest since 1987 at around 300 people and is continuing to drop gradually each year. Rape incidents are also dropping in number each year, though they are not at all as low as they used to be earlier in the years.

The latest number of people who were victims of rape was over 1,600 in the year 2009. The most common crime committed in the state of Indiana is larceny theft at 137,371 in the year 2009, but it too was also at its lowest since the year 1986.

Incarceration Rates and Costs
An incarceration rate is how many people go to jail a month per 100,000 citizens. Indiana's incarceration rate is 447 people going to jail each month out of 100,000 citizens. Although this isn't the lowest incarceration rate in the country, it is definitely not the highest either.

In Indiana high school drop outs are three and a half times more likely to be arrested and 8 times more likely to be in jail or prison than high school students who end up graduating. 54% of high school dropouts were unemployed a few years ago and that number is slightly increasing each year.

Cost Of Housing Inmates In America
About ten years ago the cost for housing one million inmates was (only!) $12 billion. Today that figure is well over $52 billion. The cost has quadrupled in just ten years!

Indiana's governors are trying to solve these problems by getting help for drug addicts instead of sending them to jail for a short time then letting them out to continue with their problem. They also are trying to get shorter jail times for lesser crimes depending on how dangerous the accused and if he or she is a threat to the public.

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