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Interview with Juan, Bill and Brian

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
Juan: I did not need a phone since I got OR but if you did not, they gave you a phone call.
Bill: telephones are only specified on time for your out on the block on I did I had regular access 2 maybe 3 hours a day
Brian: yes i did have .

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
Bill: I'm not sure the charges I never spoke to anyone on the phone no one cared about me enough to accept my phone call so I can tell you that
Brian: well its 65 for 20 mins. i would spend about 20 WEEK WITH THE WIFE

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
Bill: again this is another issue I can't tell you about

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
Bill: again this is another issue I cannot tell you about
Brian: THE SAY THE screen it but i wouldnt know

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