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Leisure Time

Interview with Felicia

JM: What types of facilities were available to help pass the time?
Felicia: i am not sure what you asking but there was like na an aa meetings in wich i atended an then there was also like church in wich i atended those as well there wasnt a hole lot to do but it was jail not an arcade or a motel

JM: Did you have regular access to the entertainment or was competition fierce? Give details.
Felicia: there was not much for intertainment . there was a tv but it ws hard to be able to get the channel changed an we could not also here it unles we could afford the expensive head phones there was a gym thingy to walk in but no balls or anything

JM: Did you have a hard time staying in shape while in jail?
Felicia: yes i gained a total og 60 pounds in jail but that was cuz i didnt do a hole lot

JM: How often did you get to go outside? What did you do outside if you were allowed to? If you were not allowed to go outside what could you do for exercise?
Felicia: there was no outisde at all but like i said befor there was a very little area where we could walk around in but nothing more

JM: Did the jail offer church services? If so, what were they like and when were they held?
Felicia: yes there was church once a week it was ok a little dif then most church one would attend but ok

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