Known as the "Land of Enchantment," New Mexico boasts a variety of scenic landscapes and diverse cultures. From splendid 13,000 foot snow covered mountains to gorgeous desert vistas, the state is full of natural beauty. It is home to the Rio Grande, one of the longest river systems in North America.

New Mexico is also home to a unique blend of cultures, including Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo influences. With a long history of Native American inhabitation, New Mexico remains an important center of Native American culture.

New Mexico is divided into 33 counties, with the most populous being Bernalillo. Dona Ana and Santa Fe are the second and third most populous. Having only 16 people per square mile of land, New Mexico is the sixth most sparsely populated state in the U.S.

New Mexico is the home of the first atomic bomb detonation. The bomb was designed and manufactured in Los Alamos, and was discharged on the July 16, 1945 on the White Sands testing range. The detonation took place only weeks prior to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Crime and Punishment
New Mexico is full of beauty and history, but it residents have their problems just like everyone else. The state deals with criminal behaviors through its courts and correctional institutions. New Mexico has an incarceration rate of 316 per 100,000 of its residents. This number is lower than the national rate of 502.

New Mexico became the 15th U.S. state to abolish the death penalty in 2009. However, this change in the law is not retroactive for capital crimes committed before the repeal took place.

DUI Laws
Because the state is so sparsely populated, a person can drive for hours without seeing other cars on the road. This can lead to a false sense of confidence that may lead individuals to drive under the influence. New Mexico DUI laws aim to keep the roads safe. For multiple DUI convictions, the penalties and fines increase. License suspension and insurance penalties are also used as consequences for driving under the influence.

Gun Laws
New Mexico gun laws provide guidance for owners and sellers of firearms. Convicted felons are not allowed to possess guns in the state. This is one of the few restrictions placed on gun ownership in New Mexico. Gun ownership carries with it responsibility. It is important to familiarize yourself with specific details of New Mexico gun laws if you plan to own or carry a gun in the state.

Strange Laws
Most states have some weird laws on their books, and New Mexico is no exception. One law specifically prohibits "idiots" from voting. In the city of Las Cruces, it is illegal to carry a lunchbox down Main Street. In Deming City, it is illegal to hunt in the Mountain View Cemetery.

In Carrizozo, it is illegal for a woman to appear unshaven in public. This last one makes us wonder what incredibly hairy woman sparked the need to make it legally required to shave.

New Mexico Jails