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York County Prison

YORK, PA 17402
Phone 717.840.7580

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York County Jail, also known as York County Prison, is located at 3400 Concord Road in York, Pennsylvania. If you or a loved one are unfortunate enough to be headed (or currently incarcerated) there, we have some information that may prove valuable to you.

Jail can be an intimidating experience - being prepared can help put your (or your loved one's) mind at ease. We've interviewed inmates that have spent time at York County, and they provide insight into the inmates, meals, phone calls, and more.

While heading to jail may not be the place you want to be, knowing what to expect can make the transition a bit easier. If you have questions about the jail, check our our question and answers page. If you've been to the York County Prison, we'd love to hear your story and have you share your experience.

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