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Interview with Henry, Bob and Cory

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Henry: It was vary hard to get medications. Requesting simple aspirin would take more than a day and would cost you money off your account just for asking.
Bob: I did not take medication but I know that other inmates did.
Cory: Other inmates took meds; I do not need medication.

JM: How did you get your medications?
Henry: Medications were acquired through medical.
Bob: The nurse would come around with a "med-cart" three times per day (morning, noon, and night) to dispense medications, check blood sugar levels, etc. If you needed to see a doctor you could submit a medical request in the morning only.
Cory: I did not receive medication. Others got it orally once a day in the morning or as it wasneeded. The nurse would walk around to the cell and have it opened and gave it to them directly in his mouth.

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Henry: Abusing drugs always resulted in allocation to solitary confinement/ lockdown.
Bob: I would imagine you would be criminally charged (re-booked on the drug offense), and also put into isolation.
Cory: I saw people and knew of cases where people pretended to swallow their psych meds but didnt and saved it to sell to other people to get high. I did not do this.

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