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Forsyth County Jail

202 Veterans Memorial Boulevard
Cumming, GA 30040-2646
(770) 781-2226

Interview with Rhett and Stewart

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Rhett: 3 years probation and 240 community service hours and 3000 fine.
Stewart: thirty days with no chance of time served

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Rhett: The only time was the time after both arrests. It was all in the holding cell.
Stewart: Yes, in the Forsyth County Detention center they make you stay in a holding cell for at least three days with only one hour out a day with no books, pens, or paper. They claim they had to keep us locked up like that until our TB shots cleared, which is bullshit.

Life On The Inside
When an inmate is brought to the Forsyth County jail they are handed an inmate handbook. Accepting this handbook means they have entered into an implied consent agreement.

In other words, they have to follow the rules of that handbook. Saying they didn't know the rules will be no excuse. For instance one of the first rules in that handbook is the fact that this is a no smoking facility. An inmate caught smoking will be written up. There are other rules about things like how many photographs an inmate can have (that would be four).

An inmate is also given an identification wristband once they are booked into the facility. This wristband must be worn at all times; they can't take it off for shower or swap it with another inmate.

Passing The Time As An Inmate In Forsyth County Jail
As an inmate settles into the routine of the Forsyth County jail they can take advantage of some of the available programs meant to not only occupy their time but improve their lives. Programs like GED and Alcoholics Anonymous are held within the confines of the facility.

An inmate interviewed for this website thought that the guards were not on the same page and was given different information by different correctional officers. Obviously this is frustrating, but considering the environment and the circumstances it's not unexpected.

Meals provided to the inmates are the typical jailhouse food you would expect. This means a lot of baloney sandwiches. Inmates are given fruit and can buy other snacks from the commissary.

Good Behavior Policy
The policy of the Georgia Department of Corrections for the state prison system pretty much states that if you "do the crime you do the time." This means you won't be getting off early if you're in the state prison. However on a county level, inmates are offered a day for a day reduction on their sentences. This is only provided to inmates who stay out of trouble and don't get written up for all those rules of that handbook.

Visitor and Phone Policy
Inmates are granted visitation privileges one the weekend from 8 AM until 7 PM. Each visitation session lasts for 45 minutes. It becomes the responsibility of the inmate to set up that appointment with the person they want to see. As for the visitors themselves they will be required to present a valid photo ID upon entry into the facility. And just like that implied consent, they will be subject to a search.

Inmates are allowed access to the phones in their units to make collect calls. But there is no guarantee that the phones will always be working.

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