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Will County Jail

95 South Chicago Street
Joliet, IL 60436-1745
(815) 740-1250

Interview with Kyle and Lisa

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Kyle: My sentencing was for 10 days
Lisa: 6 months county time.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Kyle: Yes- It was scary because it's not like you were in a regular cell. I ended up being moved to a medical cell because of some medical issues I was having. I got put in a "medical pod" which is one of the safest places to be.
Lisa: I wasn't sentenced until 4 months into my stay since I couldn't post the 5,000 bond they wanted. o,

Are you or someone you know headed to serve some time in the Will County Jail? If so, you may be wondering what to expect. Going to jail can be scary, especially if this is your first time. We can't promise that your time will be easy, but having the right information can help you feel more prepared for the experience.

We have interviewed former inmates of Will County, who have shared their day to day experiences as inmates of this facility. You can access their interviews by clicking the links to the left. Take a few minutes to read their stories and find out what life is really like in the Will County Jail.

Will County provides inmates with three meals per day. Unfortunately, the food is rated very poorly. One of the biggest complaints is that the meals are all the same. Breakfast is bread and a cup of milk or water. Lunch and dinner are either macaroni and cheese or some sort of dried up thin meat. The food is not enough to "put meat on your bones," and barely enough to keep a little something in your stomach.

The jail does have a commissary where snacks can be purchased by inmates. The prices are high, but if you can have someone make sure to put money on your account, being able to buy commissary food can make your time go a lot easier.

Passing the Time
One of the most difficult challenges for those serving time is fighting boredom. Unfortunately, Will County does not have a lot of activities available to help inmates fill their time. There is a work out area and a TV area, but that is about it. Inmates generally do not go outside. The biggest forms of entertainment are card games started up between inmates and watching TV.

Will County provides inmates with access to telephones that can dial outside the jail. The inmate must submit a list of people they want to call for approval. The inmate can only call those who are on this list. Phone calls are made collect, and must be accepted by the person on the other end.

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