Iowa is located in the Midwestern United States also known as the "American Heartland." Iowa is also often known as the "Food Capital of the World." Iowa consists of rolling hills and natural lakes scattered all over the country.

Iowa's Incarceration Rate and Cost
An incarceration rate is how many people out of 100,000 go to prison each month. Iowa has a pretty low incarceration rate compared to other states. This is most likely caused by the lower population compared to other states like California or Florida. Its rate is 292 people incarcerated each month. Other states have incarceration rates at around 300 or 400, or even past 600!

Each year in the Iowa Department of Corrections they house about nine thousand inmates. Each inmate costs eighty-seven dollars each day creating a yearly cost of $283,500,000 for all of the nine thousand inmates.

Iowa has had many DUI accidents where the driver was above the legal BAC of .08. There were almost 17,000 crashes in one year. From these accidents there were 5,500 injuries and 122 deaths. From each death that happens as a result of a DUI the average cost to pay for it is $3.3 million dollars. $1.1 million is used for monetary losses and $2.2 million is used to pay quality of life losses.

Crime in Iowa
The least common crime in Iowa and most other states is murder. Murder in Iowa has been at its lowest since 1962, and is at half of what it was in 2008! The most common type of crime to commit in the state of Iowa would be larceny theft. Larceny Theft is stealing something of someone else with the intent to change and make it usable in the person's own way. The number of this crime committed each year is around fifty thousand and increases or decreases each year.

How Do You End Up in an Iowa County Jail?
Normally one goes to a county jail because of charges of a misdemeanor. One can also be sent to a county jail for a felony, but it is also still possible for one to go to prison depending on the crime committed. County jails usually house inmates who are there for a short-term sentence, which is about a year or less. If you are serving a long-term sentence of several years or life, you will be in a prison.

What you normally see on television and in the movies is typically prison. There is much more violence because people have longer sentences to carry out (they belive that they may do what they wish because the know they will most likely never have a chance to get out soon or ever).

Iowa Jails