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Stark County Jail

4500 Atlantic Boulevard Northeast
Canton, OH 44705-4374
(330) 430-3820

Interview with Cori and Grady

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Cori: My sentencing started in July of 2005 for the first charge and ended up lasting until August of 2005. The second charge began in July of 2005 and ended up lasting until October of 2005. The third charged started in July of 2005 and ended in June of 2009. All together the long sentencing was for almost four years.
Grady: 60 days

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Cori: I did spend time in a holding cell after sentencing the first two times. It was cold and very lonely sitting in there. I had to wear street clothes until I was called out to be checked in to be put into a jail uniform. I was not given a blanket or a sweater to calm my coldness down. I got one free phone call and that was it. The third time in the holding cell I almost had to wait 24 hours to be booked in.
Grady: Yes, about 20 mins then back to the nasty jail.

Stark County Jail is like most county jails - in general you won't have any problems avoiding fights and confrontations with other inmates as long as you keep to yourself and show respect to other inmates. This is a contrast to prison where fights are almost inevitable if you are there for any significant amount of time. Learn more about dealing with other inmates in the jail.

In order for an inmate to make a phone call from Stark County Jail they will either need to call collect or buy a phone card off of commisary. If you know somebody in the SCJ that you would like to call you it is advised that you put some money on their books so they can buy a phone card to call out. Phone calls to cell phones can be difficult because of the inability of many cell phones to accept collect calls. Learn more about making phones calls from the Stark County Jail.

The jail does not offer a lot of entertainment options to pass the time. Inmates can receive books as long as they are sent directly from the publisher or retailer (so, for instance, family members cannot send used books but must buy brand new ones to send to the jail). The jail does offer church services. Learn more about leisure time in this jail.

Visiting an inmate in the Stark County Jail is not a very intimate affair. A few years ago you could meet with an inmate face to face, but all contacts are now handled with cameras. This makes it easier for the jail staff to ensure that no contraband is coming into the jail such as drugs. Read more about visiting inmates in the Stark County Jail.

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