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Closing Advice

Interview with Tony

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Tony: keep them some money in there comissary account but not to much, I recomend forgetting on what or who is on the outside, be it girl friend or wife. The one thing that is common is they will try to get a rise out of you DO NOT lose your temper, They will tell you that your man/woman is on the outside with whom ever or doing what ever, just nonsense. Be repectful, say little, listen alot, avoid confrontations, And no one in there is your friend what you tell them bragging or what ever, they will use that information for there gain.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Tony: Yes, know the rules of conduct, prisoners have there own rule of conduct they will test you at first to see what your like and what they can get away with, Its like a fine line of not letting someone push you around but still being respectful, if another prisoner asks you to do something let them know you are doing it as a favor to them and expect the same for yourself, Don't cry and be scared, they can smell it, they can also smell your confidence in yourself.

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