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Interview with Shannon

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Shannon: They took me in to custody for 46 counts of money laundering . I went threw the process of seeing nurses and finger pring=ting and getting my picture took I had went to court 5 times before I was sentenced,we took a ples for 10 years I sat in custody for 5 months before a court date was set

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Shannon: I went to court and they took me in from the court room. No questions asked they just put me in a room until they got done with my husbands court hearing. Then after that , they took me to cca in Nashville and booked me and gave me clothes and sent me in to population with the other inmates

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Shannon: Crazy, Everytime I went to court they could never find me they always got my last name mixed up and it made it very stressful. It was alaways reset to another court date, It ended up being 6 court dates til we came up with a deal. Finally we did

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Shannon: 46 Money laundering and 1 pimping and pandering charges.I was convicted of both

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