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Interview with Kevin

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Kevin: Well, I did have an incident. Some of those people can be pretty disrepectful. I got into it once with a guy who was being loud and I was trying to take a nap. One low is the same as the other. They have cliques and gangs over there and if you don't belong to one of them if you get in trouble then you don't have anyone to mediate on your behalf.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Kevin: I guess it helps to belong to a clique. You could stay on your own but then you don't have anybody to help out

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Kevin: They assign you a certain cell but after a while if you want to transfer or you get into trouble with your bunkmate then they might move you out. That happened with me when I was having some trouble with a fellah over there. They just switched us up.

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