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Gregg County Jail

101 E Methvin St # 559
Longview, TX 75601-7265
(903) 236-8400

Interview with Micah and Kenneth

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Micah: 140 days
Kenneth: It was for 180 days

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Micah: yes. I was in the holding cell for almost 48 hours before I was taken across the street to the North Jail and finally given a mat and a blanket. In the holding cell. It's very cold and loud. They will not issue you a blanket until youre booked in and sometimes that can take 12 hours. We sat and slept on concrete for the 48 hours it took them to take us across the street.
Kenneth: Yes i spent time in a holding cell and it was cold in there and they don't give you a blanket until they book you in and that may take four hours

Life On The Inside
Boredom is probably the biggest complaint for an inmate in any prison facility and that is to be expected. It's not like these folks are supposed to be on vacation. However, there are times when that boredom can actually lead to trouble.

A former inmate of Gregg County Jail found that some inmates would try to start fights just because they were bored. Because of this, the jail does its best to provide items to keep the inmates occupied such as board games, cards and a television. Inmates are allowed outside to the recreation yard at least three times a week but other there is just concrete to walk around. There are church services on Wednesday and Sunday but these are made available on a first come, first line-up basis.

The jail layout is in cell blocks where the inmates are separated based on offense, sex and/or disciplinary action. As for the food, the inmate interviewed for this website found it horrible in the first two weeks and then tolerable after that. It's a matter of getting use to the flavors or lack thereof.

Getting medication isn't as speedy a process as you might wish. If an inmate is experiencing something as common as a headache, they can put in a request for Tylenol and receive the pill three days later. Obviously, by then the headache would be long gone.

Good Behavior Policy
At Gregg County Jail, an inmate needs to stay out of trouble in order to receive good time credit, but that's not all. They also need to complete all their work assignments, participate in programs and/or get special vocational training. If they can do all of that they can receive as little as 10 days off for every thirty served up to 30 days off for every thirty serve and thereby cut their sentence in have. It pays to participate.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Phone calls are expensive: Around $10 per 15 minute call. There are three phones per cell block shared between around 45 inmates. Inmates also need to set up a calling account to make the calls.

Inmates are allowed one visit a week and they might only last for up to ten minutes. If you come late for the visitation time you could be turned away. Visits are conducted through a glass partition with inmates and their visitors using telephones to talk.

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