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Johnson County Jail

101 N Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 791-1100

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Life On The Inside
There are two main campuses that make up the Johnson County Jail system. There is the Olathe Adult Detention Center and the New Century Adult Detention Center. As the Olathe undergoes a remodeling phase, all inmates were housed in the New Century facility. However, that might not always mean that the overcrowding situations have been remedied. The Johnson County Jail has contracted with other neighboring detention centers to "farm out" inmates to keep overcrowding at a minimum.

Among some of the programs offered to inmates at Johnson County are ongoing Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, bible study and Catholic services. Inmates are also allows access to the center's library and barber. There are also privileges granted for the law library and to a notary public.

In each pod unit, there is a common area where inmates can socialize, play cards or watch television. A former inmate commented that the selection of which program to watch was entirely up to the guards. As you might expect, the food isn't winning over any fans. The inmates have access to a weekly commissary order provided that have money deposited onto their accounts. Inmates are also allowed time outside in the rec yard provided a lock down isn't happening.

As far as getting along with other inmates it really comes down to an issue of "minding your own business." There is a certain type of inmate who wants to get into trouble because they are bored. These are the inmates you should steer clear of. You don't really need to play cards or basketball with them.

Good Behavior Policy
The good behavior policy established in the Kansas correctional system uses the baseline of a two year sentence to make determinations for a reduction of sentence. For an inmate who is sentenced to less than two years they can get one day reduction for every day served and one month off for every year.

An inmate who is sentence to two years or more can receive a reduction of half off of their sentence. Of course, these good behavior reductions are based entirely on the inmate's behavior.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
At the New Century Detention center, they have incorporated a video visitation system where the visits are conducted by way of a two-way monitor. All visitors must be 18 years or older. If they are under 18 they have to be accompanied by an adult. Every visitor needs to present a photo ID and subject themselves to a search. Failure to do either one of those and the visit will be canceled.

Phones are made available to inmates during rec time throughout the day and are provided by Global Tel Link. These phones are for outgoing calls. Local calls are free but long distance calls are collect calls.

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