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Interview with Mona

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Mona: It was hard getting along with the other women, they are ugly to you when you first arrive because they have been there so long they develope a htred towards other inmates. women in jail are mean and vinctive.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Mona: I just basically stayed to myself. also im from elmore coutny so i knew a few people when i came in. I ignored all the crazy comments and tried to remain calm. i was there bcause of own actions and i remained to myself until i got to know the others a little better.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Mona: No, i was not able to choose anything what so ever. I was put where they wanted me to be put. Also at time if we were over crowed there would be 3 to 4 women in a 2 man cell. that was hard. Especially in the summer there is no air conditioning

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