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Closing Advice

Interview with Earl

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Earl: I would want them to know that it is extremely important to have outside support. Excepting phone calls can get expensive, but one every now and again wouldn't hurt. It helps to talk to someone outside of there, family or friends. Also try to write them as much as possible. You have no idea how good it feels to get mail.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Earl: My advice would be try to make the best of a bad situation. Don't get on the Corrections Officers bad side, treat them with respect and most of them with treat you with the same.

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Earl: Lauderdale County Detention Center

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