Arizona has several a few large counties which have significant inmate populations in their jails. The two largest are Maricopa County Jail and Pima County Jail. Other large counties in Arizona include Pinal, Yavapai, Coconino, Yuma, Cochise, Mohave and Navajo.

Maricopa County Jail
Whether you live in Arizona or not you have probably heard of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Joe Arpaio has made national headlines for controversial measures in the jail such as making inmates sleep in tents, wear pink underwear, feeding some inmates only two meals a day and other undesirable conditions meant to discourage offenders from reoffending (at least in his county).

The Maricopa County Jail conditions are notable because of the extreme temperatures the area faces. Sleeping in tents can be miserable when the thermometer often reaches well above 100 degrees in the summer. Former inmates of the jail report that racial tensions run high in MCJ so it is best to keep to yourself until you learn how the social environment works behind bars (or tent poles).

Pima County Jail
If you are in the neighboring county of Pima count your blessings - things could be worse had you commited a crime a few miles to the north in Maricopa. State law mandates a 15% reduction in time served in county jail assuming you are not subject to disciplinary action. This means avoiding fights with other inmates, doing what the guards tell you to do and avoiding drugs in jail.

Keep in mind that when you make phone calls from jail they are almost always recorded. The prosector on your case can request these records and listen to your calls if they believe any evidence may be obtained from your calls. Any calls to your lawyer should be placed through a special phone that does not record the call. Communications with your attorney are protected and should remain confidential.

Other Arizona County Jails
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