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Interview with Tom, Jessica, Justin, Pat, Sandi and Justin D.

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Tom: i was not in custody prior to sentencing and it went exactly opposite of what the defender and the prosecutor had recomended
Jessica: Arrested July 22, Bonded July 24, Arraignment July 30, Signed plea Aug 30, Sentenced Oct 1
Justin: i got arested, went to 4th ave other wise known as teh matrix.. sat in the holding tanks for hours.. freezing cause they keep it super cold in there for 2 days while i waited for the preliminary hearing... after the hearing they would either release you or dress you out
Pat: Booked into the jail searched finger printed and but in a cell full if other inmates until it was time to go to court had to wait about six hours before mostly everyone was brought before the judge to hear our charges and to see if we were released OR or on a bond or not at all
Sandi: Pre-sentencing was a nightmare for me because I had never been in jail or been in trouble and I was not sure why I was there.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Tom: no they stopped by all nine of them in 5 vehicles and placed me under arrest
Jessica: no
Justin D.: DUI
Justin: i was in the middle of a drug deal and they arrested me then. i was standing there talking to the guy i was going to sell the drugs too.. and out of nowhere eight or nine under cover cars came around the corner and a few cops jumped iout of each car
Pat: No the cops did not come by my home for questioning I was in a car that was stopped and was arrested there on the scene where they stopped us. Car was stopped for a traffic incedent but the cops ran everyones info that was in the car to see if anyone had warrents
Sandi: No. I am not sure about how I came to be arrested. I was aware of being in jail about 2 days (I think) after arriving there. I woke up in a cell with nothing but a blanket to keep warm.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Tom: initial went well after the run around in what is called the horse shoe, and was released on own recognance
Jessica: emotional, humbling
Justin: long. the judge called us up one at a time to tell you what your options were and what amount of time id spend til next court date.. t was cold in there.. sometimes id have 13 14 inmates at a time in teh court room ahead of me waiting sentencing
Pat: Court was like a converier belt. They called you up one by one read your charges and then decided if they were going ti hold you in jail or let you go until your next court date. Then it was the next persons turn and it just went on like that until everyone was seen
Sandi: Court was a terrifying process for me and I usually felt like vomiting. 30-50 of us (females) were picked up from our pods around midnight before our court date and were housed in a small cell with one open toilet as we waited approximately 8 hours for transport to the courtroom. In the courtroom there would be 8 or more of us, male and female, shackled together as we waited for our turn to face the judge. When It was my turn to face the judge I would nearly pass out and was assisted by the courtroom deputy.

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Justin D.: DUI
Justin: conspiracy to commit sales and transport of a dangerous drug,.. a class 2 felony
Pat: Failing to appear for court
Sandi: I was accused of an attempted violent crime. My charges were dismissed without prejudice.

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