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Interview with Ron, Hugh, Stevan and Tiffany

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Ron: this was a nine month flat parole violation, for a, d.u.i..i got the nine flat becuase i have a no drinking condition known as a (5b)..i ended up later getting sentenced to 6mnths run concurant with the nine month violation,so really it was pretty fair,a lot of others were gettig alot more time then that .I got saved while I was in fresno co. awaiting court,& i think the lord had something to do with it..
Hugh: I was sentenced to six months jail time, five years felony probation, and a few other rehabilitation conditions.
Stevan: Six months but I only served 3 days

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Ron: yes !! it is very degrading no room to sit down unless you will sit on the dirty floor.. stainless steel sink/toilet combo that stinks and is very dirty hardly no water running out of the tap with no soap to wash up with & the overall attitude of the jail staff allready is that your a criminal lower life status you really feel lost lonely and that you,ve lost contact with your freedom..
Tiffany: The holding areas I saw were not suitable for any human. Writing on the walls as far back as 2008. I was there June 2010. stainless steel, combination toilet/sink was full of urine. Sometimes no toilet paper and dried feces on the walls.
Hugh: Yes, I was placed back in the holding cell. It was awful, there is no sense of time(no clocks) and you just want to be done. I just wanted to do my time and go home.
Stevan: Man hell ya I did It was a room with four walls one toilet a sink a fountain for drinking. With about 10 other dudes in their with me yuup

Life On The Inside
One thing that all inmates have in common is they are all starting from a place of having been arrested or convicted for breaking the law. For those inmates who have gone through a trial or entered into a plea bargain, they know right away what kind of sentence they are looking at.

The only goal they have now is to keep their head down and get through their sentence without causing more trouble. To help facilitate that, the staff at Kings County Jail tries to keep inmates with certain "affiliations" together. Although that's the goal, it's not always possible and an inmate with no gang affiliation could find themselves surrounded by some unsavory characters. That's life on the inside.

The Kings County Jail is located south of Fresno in central California. At Kings County, each of the cellblocks has a common room where a television is kept on for the inmates to watch. In fact, this policy of having the television on at a very loud volume is also common ground for the inmates: there is just too much noise! The common room is also where they can play cards or other board games. Inmates are also given access to an outdoor rec yard.

Commenting about the food, one inmate thought that "hospital food" was better which isn't really saying much. Inmates are given commissary accounts for a weekly order of snacks and other items. As long as they have money in their accounts and haven't gotten into trouble they'll be able to order from the commissary.

Good Behavior Policy
In California, good behavior reduction is called good time. For a violent offender, the maximum of good time they can earn would be 15% off their total sentence. Everyone else can earn a day for day good time meaning they can cut their sentence in half if they stay in the good graces of the correctional staff.

Visitor and Telephone Policy
Inmates at Kings County Jail are allowed three visitations a week. Each of these visits are 30 minutes long. Unfortunately, the wait to be processed into the visit can last as long as an hour or more. All visitors need to be dressed appropriately and have a valid photo identification card.

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