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Jail Layout

Interview with Ron, Hugh, Stevan and Tiffany

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Ron: there are fifteen different types of blocks at the main jail, general population there are ten fouty man tanks with room in each for up to ten more inmates with sleeping on the floor in the dayroom.then theres gangs segragation, which is a form of protective custody, drop outs & real protective custodiesthese tyoes of diferent custody levels adds onther ten blocks to the new main jail, no windows or veiws of the outside world, very deppressing
Hugh: Each section of the jail probably has 6 or 7.
Stevan: I'm not sure because they called them pods

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Ron: kings county main jail kings county branch jail kings county workforlugh, kings county teen detention center kings boot camp & kings road camp county yard crew/dogpound.. wow you got me on this one i should have figured so kings county is small we do however have more prisons per capita then any other county in California..
Tiffany: PODS
Hugh: The system here is by Hundreds. I believe I was in 200. Some just have actual names like "Trustee Tank".
Stevan: Did who have names these questions your asking aren't clear

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Ron: it depends on what county your in in kings county if your in general population housing & your white not gang related you,ll get locked housed up with blacks others & northerners..if your a skin head you,ll get housed with other skins some american indians & southernersbulldogs don,t program with other hispanics in jail only far as classifacation of inmates paroles ussually go to there own tank based on your race & criminal type ..
Tiffany: In my pod, I was told by other inmates, we had life-ers/medical-psych/prison/low security/gang members.
Hugh: Segregation was also done by jumpsuit color. One gang was one color and a rival gang another. Violent offenders had a special color as did people with escape attempt priors.
Stevan: Every kind? I'm not sure wut asking? Do you mean racially height wise weight wise what was there peronality like and again not sure wut you mean by blocks ?again

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Ron: i was in a christian cell for about 6 months it was peaceful & very clean in that tank there was no overcrowding in that tank & everyone got along pretty good. that was good. every time that i got locked up i felt like i was losing my freedom, i even got addicted to being locked up the whole game hide & seek, but in the long run it was allways bad!!
Tiffany: The worst was the treatment by staff. I understand I was under arrest, but the officers treat everyone like trash. I was belittled, expected to know what to do in jail, made feel stupid for asking questions and when they release you, they just close the door behind you. If you don't know where you are, then you don't know where you are.
Hugh: It was nice to know that you are away from anyone that can be considered an enemy, but since the jumpsuits are all different,it is easy to be picked out of a crowd as different. The main difference about the blocks is whether it has 2 man cells or it has group "tanks".
Stevan: Again with the blocks . Okay maybe you mean the differnt gangs ? I guess ill amswer ur question like that so the nicest part ? That ' s a hell of a crazy question I don't know they kicked down some cofee every now and then I guess !

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