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Interview with Ron, Tiffany, Hugh and Stevan

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Ron: pre-sentencing is loke this you get a court date w/time date court # etc.. you go find that court,then you go thru metal detectors & rent-a- cops,& (we have no funding??) you look-up your name on a court docket,you go in give your name to the bailif,so that he can log you as present .so you don,t gat a bench warrent issued,then you wait for your name to be called some courts go alphabiticly,some go by order of apperance or if you have an attornney,you go get a public defender known as a pretender defender,because they make deals with your case in faver of another case for some one else based on evidence & probable conviction% you then go before the judge or majystraight,& plead not guilty to get a better deal,very crowded court rooms & it will take all day..tip if you see an attorney sitting around doing nothing & your in a hurry over up 20.00 bucks to them to get your file pulled up in fronf of everyone else so you can leave..
Tiffany: Well, I found out there was a bench warrant for my arrest when I mailed the courthouse my new change of address. I found a failure to appear with a $25000 bench warrant. I live in another city and and as soon as I could afford to travel there, I did. I spoke to the Courthouse front desk, they verified with me they made the mistake and sent the notice to appear to the wrong address. Then they had me speak to a deputy and I know he was only during his job, he saw the bail amount and he had the right to arrest me on the spot.
Hugh: I stayed incarcerated the entire time after my arrest and went to all of my court dates from jail.I made the mistake of waiving my right to a speedy trial and spent 2 months in there before I finally got sentenced even though I pleaded guilty from the very start.
Stevan: The pre sentenceing process is long and boring but the staff is cool they make u feel about as at home as you can feel in jail they joke with u and shit at least that's how I felt I don't know if that's the norm or if its not

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Ron: yes they have stopped by before looking for me and asking questions about the related offense like what time would you say that happened & did you see for your self general questions,do you know were they are now?? are you sure it was them ??or were the subject might go or stay / be at later..please call us with any info
Tiffany: No.
Hugh: There was a detective that came to my house and took me to the police dept and questioned me. There was an error with my age so once that was solved it, they stopped sending letters for me to go to juvenile court and came to me home and arrested me.
Stevan: No I. Got detannied in court after my court date the judge un resonable but ain't shit you can say to him. You know them fools as crooked as fuck so fuck him I don't give a fuck he just doing the job we elected to do I guess huh

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Ron: very stressful i was very nervess & didn,t really wan,t to be there, in my opinion the state sees a person as guilty until proven innocent not the other way around like it should be your looked at like your a law breaker. very degradingno ones case is looked at with compassion it,s all done to get it over with as quick as possible now..
Tiffany: The deputy walked me into the courtroom in session, had me seat in the juror section. I sat there for 3 hours watching other court cases till they moved me to a holding area.
Hugh: Miserable. They made me sit in a secluded holding cell and wait for hours handcuffed. It started out in the "lower courts" and as it progressed, I went to different courtrooms until I finally got to the Superior Court where the sentencing took place. At first I was put with a group, then when I was in the Superior, it was a smaller room and inmates were dealt with individually.
Stevan: Court was so boring you know wut the public defender told me (my charges were domestic abuse) this fool tells me that if it were up to me id be slapping bitches all day long but ... I started busting up that fool was crazy I can't believe they got people working

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Hugh: Originally I was being charged with child molestation, but was convicted of something more like Statutory.
Stevan: I don't remember it s not that important

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