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Visitor Policy

Interview with Eric, Dominic and Carlos

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Eric: I never had any visitors. Was not allowed by order of i do not know who. Becausevof my bad behavior. I ever did nothinlg at all. I was all made up.
Dominic: you can receive visitation twice a week. If its an attorney, there is no limit to visitation.
Carlos: Visitation is two times a week maximum for an hour each session. If you wanted to use both hours in one visit they asked you to go through check in process again.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Eric: I wouldn't know since i never got to see anybody. Like said since all my privileges were cut off and did not complaint i st let it go. j
Dominic: I was told that my visitors waited a lengthy period of time because they had to go through so much during check in and there were so many people coming to visit.
Carlos: No, the check-in process is relatively quick. The lengthy part is the waiting for both visitors and inmates. Once visitor checks in they locate the inmate and put us in a holding cell sometimes up to 45 minutes. The visitors sometimes can wait up to an hour if it's really busy.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Eric: Could care less, if some body had visitors or not Who cares , no one vesited me during my time in there So i was not aware of that environment or any other. They hated me for some reason. Right until few days before i got released. I like they realized they been punishing the wrong guy.
Dominic: The visitation environment was very basic. there are no contact visitations and because its such a large facility, the visitation area is very busy. The time is short and visitors have to dress appropriately. there are officers who are posted in the area monitoring the visits at all times and there is no privacy for your conversations.
Carlos: The visitation is through a bullet proof window and we speak to each by a telephone. On the inmate side we sit in a cubicle type of setup but the walls are obviously made of concrete. Its not that bad as we do not disturb each other. On the visitor side it is open and loud sometimes.

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