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Interview with Dennis

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Dennis: I received three meals per day

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Dennis: I would have to rate the food a two on a scale of one to ten. It often times was cold meals when they were supposed to be hot. They serve bologna for breakfast several times a week as well as about five times a week during lunch. Alot of beans and slop for dinner

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Dennis: When I was there they served baked chicken on Sundays which was pretty much the only real meat served, which would have to be the best

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Dennis: The only snacks served were for juvenile offenders or people with special diet needs. Once in a while, for the people that worked or were there a lonf time you might get a meal out of the officers kitchen

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