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Interview with Sam, Ron, Scott, Michael and Bruce

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Sam: Jail orange jumpsuits.
Ron: Most common were the county orange suits. Other than that there was you could get from commissary like thermal underwear tops and bottoms, white t shirts, boxers, socks, etc.
Scott: Only clothing allowed was a pair of white tennis shoes. You could buy socks and underwear through commissary.
Michael: Underwear, a t-shirt and socks would be all you would be allowed to wear. jumpsuits and sandals were issued to everyone.
Bruce: only shoes if approved other than that you could not have anything from the out side come in

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Sam: Yes, jail orange jumpsuits which included a shirt and a pair of pants.
Ron: Whenever you left your pod you had to be in your county orange suit. On the pod there was really no requirement.
Scott: Uniforms consisted of the Corrections jumpsuit pants and shirts. They washed them once per week. Pants were regular pants with draw string and shirts were V neck that you had to wear to court or anytime outside the cell.
Michael: I was issued an orange jumpsuit that was a one piece button up style of jumpsuit that you stepped into and buttoned up to your neckline.
Bruce: orange top white shit orange scrubs pants tube socks and white velcro shoes and most of the oufits were ripped and shoes were very worn out and the velcro was not stiching any more

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Sam: No, just get your right size.
Ron: Not really. Like Sam said make sure you get the right size or it'll be a long wait till the next laundry day.
Scott: No assigned clothing but individuals would try to steal tennis shoes from the weak and vulnerable. Most guys like XXL clothing but other than that nothing to special.
Michael: No, not that i was aware of just orange jumpsuits for everyone.
Bruce: a good white t shirt that was thick and also a new uniform with a pocket

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Sam: Yes, women have blue and guys have orange.
Ron: Blue for ladies and orange for men.
Scott: I believe women wear gray suits while the men were orange.
Michael: I didn't see any woman so i would not know, i know they had a separate section, however.
Bruce: yes theres is blue ouftis for females

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