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Kane County Jail

37W755 Il Route 38 # B
St. Charles, IL 60175-7559
(630) 232-6677

Interview with Matthew

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Matthew: I was sentenced to 24 months of probation.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Matthew: I spent all my time in Kane County Jail after my sentencing. Due to different circumstances I violated my probation a ouple of times and warrants were issued for me. In Kane County Jail, you were only allowed in your cell to sleep between 9pm and 5am. The rest of the time you had to stay out in the 'dayroom' with all the other inmates. There was not enough seats for everybody and most of the men laid on the hard tile floor all day. We were not allowed to bring out blankets or pillows. I was beaten severly in one of the dayrooms after trying to protect a young man that was being beaten by 5 men.

If you or someone you know is headed to Kane County Jail, you may be wondering what to expect. Going to jail can be scary, and it is even more intimidating when you know nothing about what life is like on the inside. While we can't promise that jail will be easy for you or your loved one, having the right information can help you feel more prepared for the experience.

We have interviewed former inmates of Kane County, who have shared their inside knowledge about what goes on in this facility. To read their actual interviews, click on links to the left. Take a few minutes to educate yourself about Kane County and what life is really like inside this jail.

Kane County serves inmates three meals per day. The food is rated as being pretty good for jail food. Breakfast is served at 5am. Lunch and dinner are usually both warm meals, and if portion size is not large enough for you, other inmates will often share the food they don't want.

The jail has a commissary from which inmates can purchase snacks. One popular item to order are Ramen Noodles. The only problem is that inmates typically only have access to cold or lukewarm water, but they add whatever temperature water they can find to "cook" the noodles.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is a high priority for most people who are serving time. Kane County provides inmates with access to telephones and several different methods of payment. There are three different ways to make a call. One option is that the inmate can buy a phone card from the commissary.

With a phone card the inmate can call any house phone or cell phone. The phone card cost is $12 for 30 minutes. The next option is for somebody on the outside to set up a prepaid account on their phone. All charges get billed to that prepaid account. One more way is to call collect, which is billed to the landline of the person the inmate is calling. Collect calls cannot be made to cell phones.

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