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Interview with Jessica and Cassie

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Jessica: No, never. First of all when you entered they jail they charged you $25 to call your doctor to get whatever medication you brought in approved and then if the doctro approved it they charged $5 a month for them to give you your medication and not to mention if the doctor did approve it and the pill bottle says 3 times a day their doctor would only give it to you 1 time a day. That was at either 6AM or 9PM - they didn't care how often you were supposed to get it, you only got it one time a day.
Cassie: yes

JM: How did you get your medications?
Jessica: They would smash the pill into powder and put it into applesauce, even if on the pill bottle it says not to smash it they would still smash it and if it was a capsule they would split the capsule and pour out the powder into applesauce.
Cassie: no

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Jessica: None, there could never be drug abuse in there because they monitor you while you take it.
Cassie: i dono probley lookdown

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