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Interview with Alan and Martin

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
Alan: we had 3 broken down telephones in the day room. some asshole would always be dominating the phones.
Martin: yes telephones were on every cell block

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
Alan: Calling cards were need to make calls. People were trade food and envelopes or whatever to be able to make calls. People in jail are broke. Calling cards are a luxury.
Martin: at the time inmates payed 7.50 a phone call the average inmate spent 15 a week

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
Alan: Yes. Phone cards to call out were very expenses. we could not get incoming calls.
Martin: now you do at ten dollars a pop

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
Alan: All calls were recorded. An announcement notified us of that.
Martin: yes they activly listen in

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