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Interview with Striker

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Striker: At the time, I was charged with CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) and MIP (Minor in Possession). I fired my court appointed lawyer on the spot when I showed up for my court date because he refused to fight for my constitutional (both US and the State of Michigan) right to bear arms (I had a hunting knife in a sheath on my hip). The prosecution returned the evidence to holding before the court appointment even started. When it finally started, I was ready to go with all my evidence, and the prosecution had nothing. Instead of throwing the case out of court for lack of evidence, the judge postponed the date to give the prosecution more time. When the new date came around, I passed around the Judge, Arresting Officer, and Prosecuting Attorney's oaths of office and verified (respectively) that it was indeed their signatures on the forms. Once verified, I informed them that both United States Code, American Jurisprudence, and the United States Supreme Court (I had the respective documentation in front of me) claim that Judges and Township Officials that violate their Oath of Office in the presence of two or more people and fail to vote in favor of the Constitution can be tried in Federal Court for Capital Felony Treason. The judge was none too happy, but he knew it was true. All charges were dropped for the CCW case, and instead, he gave me 30 days in jail for contempt. I did not dispute the MIP charge, as I was only 20 years old at the time and I blew a 0.211 on the breathalyzer test.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Striker: I was being given a ride home after a party at a friends house. The driver (who had not been drinking) got pulled over on the way to my house. The officer pulled him out of the truck and searched him, then came around to my side. She opened the door, saw my hunting knife, and immediately removed it from the sheath on my hip. She then pulled me out of the truck, placed me on the hood of her cruiser and searched me. She then handcuffed me and told me I was under arrest for MIP and CCW.

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Striker: The court itself is a joke. They love arresting people and trumping up the charges, then attempting to get them to "plea bargain" down to a lesser crime, when most of the people shouldn't even be in there to begin with. The judge habitually refuses or dismisses relevant evidence, as well as accepting hearsay and other forms of bogus evidence.

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Striker: My original charges were for Carrying a Concealed Weapon and Minor in Possession. In the end, I don't remember if I got charged with the MIP, but I know the CCW charge got dropped and I received Contempt of Court instead because I refused to let them violate my rights and stick me with a felony charge.

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